Centrum Techniki Okrętowej
Centrum Techniki Okrętowej
Adressul. Szczecińska 65, 80-392 GDAŃSK
Telephone(+48) 58 301 00 42
Fax(+48) 58 301 16 83
Zbigniew Karpiński
Prezes zarządu 
☏: (+48 58) 301 00 42; (+48 58) 301 16 83

The essential mission of the CTO is to initiate and to support the maritime industry by the research-development, design and information activities.


The intellectual, research and design resources of CTO are also employed for the other branches of economy. CTO’s research laboratories are available also for students and research staff of technical universities and this is CTO’s contribution to improvement of education quality and development of science.


In constant pursuit of perfect performance of research-development and design work at the world’s top level, CTO satisfies the expectations of the Customers by rendering its services quickly and with competitive prices.

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