Damen Marine Components Gdańsk

ul. Sztutowska 21, 80-722 Gdańsk
tel: (+48) 58 301 22 64
fax: (+48) 58 557 27 33
Sławomir Gieroń
Dyrektor Zarządu (Managing Director)
Przedmiot działalności

Damen Marine Components is specialised in the design and production of propeller nozzles, special towing winches and rudder installations. For all types of vessels there are special designs available or can be developed. Every year more than 800 nozzles are delivered for all requested propeller diameters. Each nozzle has the highest technical standards and can be delivered to comply with the regulations of all classification societies. Rudders can be chosen from the standard line but can still be offered and produced to fulfil any specific requirements.

Program produkcyjny

Damen Marine Components develops and supplies the best propeller nozzle types and other nautical products such as bowthruster tunnels, rudders, stern tubes and stem boxes to optimize the capacity of every type of vessel. We develop the following propeller nozzle types in-house: Optima, Wing and the VG40. Together with the nozzle types 19A, 37 and our other marine components we have the optimal nozzles and parts for every customer.


Every ship has specific properties with regard to the propulsion system. This applies to the design, power, performance, dimensions and quality. From the propulsion engine through to the propeller and the nozzle, everything is completely tailored to the tasks of that ship. Each year Damen Marine Components supplies around 800 nozzles for propeller diameters ranging from 500 mm up to more than 10

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