5 July 2018Golf Cup 11.10.2018

Link to portal: Namiary.pl

  1 June 2018EU Parliament against "junk" employment contracts

Link to portal: Gospodarka Morska

 26 May 2018GDPR/RODO - not to be fooled, Ministry of Digitization Warning

PAP press release, link to TVP INFO

 16 May 2018Polish Economy Full Ahead

Lewiatan Condederation press release

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 26 April 2018Only Electronic Version for National Register of Court

Link to portal: Gospodarka Morska

 24 April 2018Survival of the European maritime technology sector depends on a firm stance from the EU

Link to portal: Hellenic Shipping News

 22 January 2018Polish Ministry on EU investigation into Polish tax incentive for shipyards

Link to portal "Gospodarka Morska"

 17 January 2018CONRADINUM - new labs
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  8 January 2018Interview with Mr Paweł Brzezicki - Appointed Administrator for Polsteam

Link to portal Gospodarka Morska

 13 December 2017INNOship

Presentation at Maritime Academy Gdynia

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  7 December 2017CONRADINUM

Protest Letter of Parents Council Conradinum Shipbuilding School

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  7 December 2017Support for Parents Council at CONRADINUM

CONRADINUM Educational Association statement

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  4 December 2017Investment slightly up by public sector

Lewiatan Confederation press release

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 27 November 2017Extension of MS Finntide completed

News from Polish Register of Shipping

 27 November 2017Production of Polish Navy Tug Boats has been commenced

News from Polish Register of Shipping


SEA Europe opinion

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 13 November 2017Vocational education programme be set by employers

Lewiatan Confederation press release

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  7 November 2017For an Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy

Jonit Paper in reaction to the Communication of the European Commission on "Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry: A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy"

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  3 November 2017Financing of R&D&I work

Guide paper elaborated on Lewiatan Confederation order

 30 October 2017Practice in Public Procurement

Presentation of K&L Gates legal office 

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 27 October 2017Anticorruption revolution in Poland

Legal alert of K&L Gates Jamka

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 24 October 2017The Implementation of LeaderSHIP2020 at national and regional level POLAND

FORUM OKRĘTOWE presentation at the hearing in EC on 24.10.2017

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SEA Europe press release

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 11 October 2017A good chance for increasing investment in R&D&I

Press release - Leviatan Confederation

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  3 October 2017Entrepreneurs positive on R&D tax credit

Lewiatan Confederation press release

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 15 September 2017Transport Sector and mixed feelings upon Juncker presentation

Lewiatan Confederation press release

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  7 August 2017Employment grows but conscious investment

Lewiatan Confederation press release

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 24 July 2017Balast Water Convention

SEA Europe press release

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 19 July 2017Polish Office of Competition and Consumers Protection new measures

Link to K&L Gates Jamka website

  5 July 2017Senior Academy Project

Note form Pomeranian Foundation for Education and Labour  

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 28 June 2017Split payment

Lewiatan Confederation press release

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 27 June 2017Private sues for breaking competition rules possible now
 21 June 2017What does change the law for auditors?
 31 May 2017Amendments of documents against EU directives when tender is on
 30 May 2017Entrepreneurs enjoy new investment write-off

Lewiatan Confederation press release

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 25 May 2017Low unemployment level requests investment in people

Lewiatan Confederation press release

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 20 April 2017SZCZECIN project

Just a draft for a concept

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 20 April 2017Industry grows thanks to export and investments

Lewiatan Confederation press release

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  1 March 2017Industry invests in product innovations

Lewiatan Confederation press release

 28 February 2017KAS (national revenue agency) not so terrifying

Lewiatan Confederation press release

  8 February 2017Unemployment slightly up but actually still drops down

Opinion of Grzegorz Baczewski (Phd) - Lewiatan Confedration

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 26 December 2016Forecast for unemployment rate to be of 8,5-8,6% at the end of the year

Prof. Jacek Męcina comments, an advisor to Board of Lewiatan Confederation

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 22 December 2016Remuneration is growing fast in Poland

Comments of prof. Jacek Męcin, advisor to  the board of Lewiatan Confederation

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 13 December 2016Note of the Office of the Marshall of the Pomorskie Voivodeship

Briffing on Act dated 4.11.2016 on amendemends to some other acts ruling innovative activities.  

pdf842 KB
 26 November 2016Unemployment drops down, an improvement of work environment

Prof. Jacek Męcina comments, an advisor to Board of Lewiatan Confederation

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 25 November 2016Consumers declare optimism

Ms Małgorzata Starczewska-Krzysztoszek (Phd) comments, chief economist to Lewiatan Confederation

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 14 November 2016Shipbuilding Iindustry is important for Polish Economy

Opinion presented for a press interview

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 28 October 2016E-Administration

Lewiatan Confederation  - support for the project

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 27 October 2016Poland on 24 position at Doing Business rank

Ms Małgorzata Starczewska-Krzysztoszek (Phd) comments, chief economist to Lewiatan Confederation

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 26 October 2016Social Partners opt for new regulations

Confederation Lewiatan

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  7 October 2016CETA - benfits for Polish enterprises

Comments of Lewiatan Confederation

pdf376 KB
 31 August 2016New regulations in force on Jenuary 1, 2017

Flash by a legal coulsel - link to Portal Morski

 22 August 2016General Anti-Avoidance Rules

Opinion of lawers from K&L Gates Jamka legal office - link to Poland@Sea

 27 April 2016Sectorial Social Dialog Committee for Shipbuilding in Brussels

FORUM OKRĘTOWE presentation

 31 March 2016The draft law on the elicitation of the shipbuilding industry

Opinion of Legal Counsel, Link to Portal Morski

 16 March 2016Project of shipyard act

Information from FORUM OKRĘTOWE

 16 March 2016Facts and myths of shipyard act

Information from FORUM OKRĘTOWE

 27 October 2015Malign draft for Public Procurement regulations.

Lewiatan press release

 28 September 2015Conclusions of the debate on Shipbuilding Industry.

Poland 2015-2025, „The greatest challenges to define industrial policy” – PKPP Lewiatan conference. Link to PKPP Lewiatan website – conclusions, video link

 25 September 2015Polish shipbuilding industry - modern and competitive

Part of „Baltic to everyone” report ordered by UN.

 18 August 2015Is Ministry of Treasure acting against enterprises?

PKPP Lewiatan press release.

 14 August 2015New tools against not fair competition.

Excerpt from K&L Gates Jamka Momorandum, protection against not fair price practice in shipbuilding.

  3 July 2015 FO opinion in reply to inquiry of Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

FORUM OKRĘTOWEGO opinion presented during the meeting with Polish Minister of Labour and Social Policy on 3.07.2015 r.

  2 December 2014FO on negotiation of TTIP.

FORUM OKRĘTOWE standpoint on negotiiated EU-USA trade agreement, reply to Adama Szejnfelda - EMP.

 10 July 2014FORUM OKRĘTOWE comments to the draft of Polish Marine Police by 2020

FORUM OKRĘTOWEGO comments draw attention to the current position of ship-building/repair sector to be included in the document.

 27 June 2014The project - Maritime policy of Poland until 2020.

The draft document , " Maritime Policy of the Republic of Polish 2020 ( with the prospect of 2030 ) " for inter.

  1 October 2013Forum Statement on Shipbuilding aid.

In connection with the ongoing public discussion on the situation of Gdańsk Shipyard SA

 20 May 2013LeaderShip 2020 - letter to the Minister of Economy.

Drawing attention on the benfits of LeaderSHIP 2020 innitiative.

 25 March 2013 Letter to the Minister of the Treasury on the sale of PRO.

Pointing to the need to take into account the vital interests of Polish companies connected with the maritime industry.

 20 February 2013LeaderShip 2020 - letter to the Minister of Economy.

Drawing attention on the benfits of LeaderSHIP 2020 innitiative.

  1 January 2013Consequences postpone the NOx control by 2021.

The position of SEA Europe indicating the consequences for the shipbuilding sector , due to a shift from 2016 until 2021. The introduction of standards for NOx Tier III maritime emission control areas (Emission Control Areas - ECAS ) .

  1 January 2013Consultation project POMORSKIE 2020

Opinions and proposals submitted by FORUM OKRĘTOWE.

  1 January 2013Jones Act, TTIP - Negotiations UE-USA

Information based on materials SEA Europe

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