Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny
Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny
AdressAleja Piastów 41, 71-065 SZCZECIN
Telephone(+48) 91 449 47 71
Fax(+48) 91 449 47 71
dr hab. inż. Maciej Taczała
Dziekan Wydziału Techniki Morskiej (Dean of the Faculty of Marine Technology) 

The West Pomeranian University of Technology has its origins...well. The University historians will face a problem. Was it in December 1946 when Szczecin Engineering School was founded or in 1954 when the Agricultural Academy in Szczecin started to exist or maybe in 1956 when Szczecin Engineering School was upgraded to a university of technology? Or should we seek the beginnings in contemporary times? The 21st century might be the answer because its challenges gave birth to the idea of uniting two universities. 
On 5 July 2007 the senates of the Agricultural Academy in Szczecin and Szczecin University of Technology passed a unanimous resolution on joining two universities. In January 2008 the Conventions of Student Governments as well as Doctoral Student Parliaments of both Universities adopted a similar position on it. A multistage and longterm legislative process was completed by the Sejm Act on the West Pomeranian University of Technology establishment of 5 September 2008 and by the signature of the President of the Republic of Poland of 30 September 2008. The West Pomeranian University of Technology officially started on 1 January 2009. 


 Consolidation of scientific and teaching potential of universities, scattered in Poland, seems inevitable in view of progressing slowdown in population growth, competition on higher education market and expectations as it comes to their influence on technology and economy development. Bringing a university into existence, besides enriching its teaching programme with new fields of study and specializations, creates a possibility of further, faster progress of new technologies in technical and natural sciences. Common achievements of Szczecin University of Technology and the Agricultural Academy in Szczecin in these scientific areas and their highly qualified staff launch new quality standars in education in Western Pomerania. 

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