Adressul. Wybickiego 21, 83-050 Lublewo Gdańskie
Telephone(+48 58) 692 08 68
Fax(+48 58) 682 66 74
Karina Gronkowska
Prezes Zarządu 
☏: +48 58 692 08 68

ZHS HYDROMECH SA is a company with over 30 years of experience. We provide support services in the field of power hydraulics and mechanics and carry out individual construction and production projects.

We carry out projects on the basis of documentation provided by the client and our own reports, compiled by company’s construction office. The offered products are manufactured thanks to our mechanical processing and assembly departments.


We offer our services for ships moored at docks and shipyards during dock inspections. We carry out our work at the place chosen by the client.

  • flushing piping systems 
  • testing stands for engines and pumps.  
  • hydraulic accumulators
  • hydraulic units (power packs)
  • hydraulic engines: planetary, reciprocating
  • hydraulic pumps: cogged, piston, and manual
  • hydraulic actuators: piston, telescopic, and rotary
  • multipliers: with a roller, with a latch
  • winches and capstans
  • flushing water, fuel, and grease piping systems on ships and other vessels.
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AQAP 2110
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