Gdańska Fundacja Kształcenia Menedżerów
Gdańska Fundacja Kształcenia Menedżerów
AdressAl. Grunwaldzka 472, 80-309 Gdańsk
Telephone(+48) 58 558 58 58
Fax(+48) 58 557 27 33
Krzysztof Balcerzak
Wiceprezes zarządu (Vice President) 

Our mission is to assist businesses and organisations in improving their performance by providing world-class training, management development  and consultancy. 
Our target client group is top and middle management. We provide training and consultancy in the areas of company management, human resources management, marketing, accounting, financial management and legal framework of the Polish economy. 
Our lecturers, trainers and consultants develop programmes which focus on helping companies operating in Poland with their practical day to day challenges. 

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