30 November 2018INNOship – conclusion of the evaluation of applicationswww-
12 October 2018Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2018www-
8 October 2018Maritime Technology Dayswww-
30 July 2018INNOship - closed for applicationswww-
19 July 2018INNOship - Change in Regulations of 1/1.2/2018 callwww-
27 June 2018Unmened ship from Maritime Academy in Szczecinwww-
27 June 2018Warship KORMORAN with shower of awardswww-
20 June 2018INNOship application date - extendedwww-
19 June 2018Letter of Intent - PGNiG & Port Gdyniawww-
13 June 2018The World Maritime Day Parallel Event 2018www-
28 May 2018"OiO4um" Award - best engineerˊs project 2018pdf855 KB
25 April 2018Conceptual Design of Naval Platformjpg3 MB
5 April 2018RINA-KORAB 2017 Awardpdf1 MB
7 March 2018INNOship - compendium pdf523 KB
24 January 2018New Technology - good practice at Remontowa Shipbuildingpdf417 KB
22 January 2018Short review - activity of Pomaranian Shipyardswww-
15 January 2018 European Commission - Press releasewww-
10 January 2018Szczecin Shipyard comes back (the name)www-
27 December 2017Signed New Contracts for Polish Navywww-
11 December 2017INNOship in Bydgoszczy: co-operation spirit at the meetingwww-
4 December 2017Letter to the Speaker of the Senate - Mr Stanisław Karczewskipdf726 KB
24 November 2017Conversion of BC Ferries and "green shipping" at OECD in Pariswww-
23 November 2017Kormoran war ship sucessfuly completed, next two will be orderedwww-
21 November 2017IMPORTANT - First court sentence concerning VAT for a new "shipyard regulation"www-
20 November 201765 Universary of REMONTOWAwww-
10 November 2017Polish Maritime Industry 2016-2017www-
30 October 2017Facts and myths on shipbuilding in Polandwww-
26 October 201726.10.2017 - Skills’ Academy – FORUM OKRĘTOWE MEMBERS ONLYpdf301 KB
26 October 2017Sejm Commission of Maritime Economy & Inland Navigation www-
24 October 2017LeaderSHIP 2020 - live from European Commissionwww-
16 October 2017NCBR: INNOship sectorial programme has been set upwww-
13 October 2017Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2017 - INVITATION - PROGRAMMEpdf363 KB
27 September 2017For the first time over 300.000 calls in a monthpdf351 KB
13 September 2017Authorities elected for 2017-2019 termwww-
12 September 2017Shipbuilding, ship repair, service and equipment industry in Poland in 2016 equal to 10,6 bilion PLNwww-
28 July 2017Tri Partite Committee for Shipbuilding and Maritime Industries www-
18 July 2017CTM Gdynia with new certificatewww-
27 June 2017Open Day in Remontowa SAwww-
12 June 201720.06.2017 - Skills’ Academy – FORUM OKRĘTOWE MEMBER ONLYpdf235 KB
31 May 2017Remontowa Holding second among the greatest Polish exporterswww-
29 May 2017Award for Remontowa Shipbuildingwww-
16 May 201724.05.2017 - 15.15 hrs - "OiO4um" Awardpdf642 KB
9 May 201716.05.2017 - Skills’ Academy – FORUM OKRĘTOWE MEMBER ONLYpdf311 KB
20 April 2017Maritime Industries Academy on Wednesday, April 26 at 15.15 hrspdf287 KB
12 April 201720.04.2017 - Career Fair at the Faculty of Ocean Engineering & Ship Technologypdf690 KB
14 March 2017RINA-KORAB 2017, Thursday March 16, at 15.30www-
18 February 2017Joint Declaration on EU Industrial Strategy adoptedpdf3 MB
16 February 2017Maritime Industries Academy on Wednesday, February 22 at 15.00 hrspdf281 KB
6 February 2017Maritime Convent - link to Portal Morskiwww-
30 January 2017March 3, 2017 - Professional Careers Daypdf3 MB
24 January 2017INVITATION – 31.01.2017 – presentation of the research agendawww-
17 January 2017BALTEXPO 2017pdf271 KB
13 January 2017Martime Industries Academy - Wednesday January 18 at 10.00 hrspdf352 KB
3 January 2017PRS info: IMO regulations coming in force in 2017 - link to Portal Morskiwww-
2 January 2017New Regulations for the shipbuilding/repair industries - link to Portal Morskiwww-
2 January 2017Maritime Equipment Act signed by the President of Poland - link to Portal Morskiwww-
9 December 2016Maritime Industries Academy - Wednesday, December 14 at 15.00 hrspdf419 KB
5 December 2016Marine Equipment Act passed by the Parliament - link to Portal Morskiwww-
23 November 2016Maritime Industries Academy - Thursday 23.11.2016 at 14.30 pdf328 KB
12 November 2016 Consortium of Deck Equipment Producers supporting BATORY Projectpdf1 MB
19 October 2016Maritime Industries Academy - 19.10.2016 at 15.15pdf280 KB
14 October 2016Winners - Innovative Maritime Economy Award Gdynia 2016www-
11 October 2016Informacja o wyniku postępowania ofertowego Nr 1/2016 + Protokółpdf741 KB
5 October 2016Marine Equipment Regulation in force - link to PortalMorskiwww-
4 October 2016Nabór Specjalisty ds. analizy rynku pracypdf986 KB
30 September 2016INVITATION - Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2016pdf744 KB
12 August 2016Parliament Act of July 6, 2016 for stimulating the shipbuilding industrypdf686 KB
22 July 2016Details of the Partliament resolution for stimulating the shipbuilding industry - Link to Portal Morskiwww-
20 July 2016Senate Comission support measures to develop shipbuilding industry - Link to Portal Morskiwww-
7 July 2016Polish Parliament adopted resolution for activating the shipbuilding industry - link to Portal Morskiwww-
11 May 2016"OiO4um" - 2016 Award - presentation of best engineering thesispdf254 KB
23 April 20169th Pomeranian Civil Congress pdf693 KB
20 April 2016Academy of Maritime Industries - Rolls-Royce in Poland pdf385 KB
16 March 2016Academy of Maritime Industries & RINA-KORAB Award 2016pdf485 KB
13 February 2016Let’s talk on Shipbuilding in Poland on February 25, 2016pdf800 KB
19 January 2016INVITATION - Design Days 21-22.01.2016pdf2 MB
31 December 2015Happy New Yearpdf171 KB
10 December 2015Remontowa Holding Open Daypdf349 KB
25 November 2015The Maritime Industries Academy, We invite you on November 21pdf403 KB
7 November 2015Invitation to the launching ship Saturday 07/11/2015 Repair Shipbuildingpdf303 KB
15 October 2015The Maritime Industries Academy, We invite you on October 21pdf510 KB
10 October 2015Link to video : Innovative shipbuildingpdf192 KB
10 October 2015Link to video - Innovative Shipbuilding Industrypdf189 KB
9 October 2015Forum Gospodarki Morskiej - INVITATION PROGRAMpdf665 KB
22 September 2015SEA Europe Response to EU Publication on ship inspectionspdf85 KB
24 August 2015Maritime Contest - free entrance to BaltExpo 2015 Exhibitionpdf214 KB
31 July 2015EU Mutual Recognition Newsletter Issue 4 - July 2015 pdf967 KB
1 July 2015PRS 84/P & 85/P replaced by Common Structural Rules pdf201 KB
1 July 2015Prof. Eugeniusz Skrzymowski - 90th Jubilee 23.06.2015pdf793 KB
30 June 2015SEA Europe New Chairmanpdf196 KB
28 May 2015Press conference of Forum Okrętowepdf235 KB
21 May 2015OiO4um Award 2015 pdf307 KB
15 April 2015Maritime Industries Academy 15.04.2015pdf322 KB
11 March 2015Maritime Industries Academy 11.03.2015 pdf1 MB
25 February 2015Invitation for seminar celebrating 220 anniversary of CONRADINUMpdf2 MB
28 January 2015Academy of Maritime Industriespdf258 KB
19 November 2014Academy of Maritime Industriespdf332 KB
22 October 2014Academy of Maritime Industriespdf258 KB
15 October 2014PWP FO Nabór spec.ds.rekrutacjipdf604 KB
12 October 2014Innovative Maritime Industry - FORUM OKRĘTOWE presentationpdf7 MB
11 September 2014International Maritime Forum GDYNIA 2014 - 10.10.2014pdf189 KB
5 September 2014Annual Meeting of CESS in Nantes 31.08.2014pdf56 KB
11 August 2014PWP FO Nabór spec.ds.rekrutacjipdf599 KB
25 July 2014SEA Europe Technical Director Vacancypdf136 KB
28 June 2014SEA Europe General Assembly - Copenhagenpdf169 KB
30 May 2014Council Meeting in VISTAL Gdyniapdf208 KB
13 March 2014PWP FO Nabór Ekspertapdf598 KB
27 February 2014FORUM OKRĘTOWE Annual Receptionpdf317 KB
10 February 2014PWP FO Nabór Personelupdf603 KB
31 January 2014PWP FO Nabór Kierownikapdf601 KB
11 October 2013Maritime Innovative Award 2013pdf298 KB
28 June 2013SEA Europe GA - Vilniuspdf436 KB
28 February 2013FORUM OKRĘTOWE Annual Receptionpdf151 KB
12 October 2012International Economy Forum Gdynia 2012 - Ms. Jing Shen presentationpdf1 MB
12 October 2012International Economy Forum Gdynia 2012 - Mr Andrzeja Wojtkiewicza presentationpdf9 MB
1 February 2012SEA Europe Annual Report 2011-2012pdf12 MB
1 January 2011CESA Annual Report 2010-2011pdf7 MB
1 January 2010CESA Annual Report 2009-2010pdf5 MB
1 January 2009CESA Annual Report 2008-2009pdf5 MB
1 January 2008CESA Annual Report 2007-2008pdf7 MB
1 January 2007CESA Annual Report 2006-2007pdf5 MB
1 January 2006CESA Annual Report 2005-2006pdf4 MB
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